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Great Awards for the Le Miccine 2010 Riserva - Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri 2014

Dégustation Le Miccine Chianti Classico Riserva 2009 Avec Paula Papini Cook

Happy Holidays from Le Miccine

Joyeuses Fêtes de Le Miccine

Nouveaux commentaires sur les locations vacances de Le Miccine en Français

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Le Miccine in PRESTIGE Hong Kong Magazine


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Le MICCINE in Montreal Gazette Urban Expressions magazine






  • Janvier 2012- Retourner la semaine prochaine pour regarder notre vidéo sur la dégustation du Le Miccine Chianti Classico Riserva 2008 à découvrir bientôt février-mars au Québec dans les SAQ.


  • November 2011-- Le Miccine heads to HONG KONG for the INTERNATIONAL WINE AND SPIRITS FAIR


  • 02/09/2011-- Grape ripening at Le Miccine


  • 29/08/2011-- Taste Fosso di Conce - Le Miccine's white wine from Vermentino grapes. Cheers.


  • 15/06/2011-- A look into the Bella Vista apartment at Le Miccine


  • 10/06/2011-- Mini Virtual Tour of Le Miccine-- More tours to come


  • 15/09/10-- Le MICCINE Vermentino white grapes-- See how white grapes are protected from the Tuscan heat and sun

  • 08/09/10-- GOT COLOUR? Colorino grape variety adds rich deep colour to our Chianti Classico


  • 25/08/10-- LE MICCINE MERLOT RIPENING POST GREEN HARVEST: Two weeks after the green harvesting the Merlot is showing fantastic progress. Veraison is complete and now the grape bunches can start to have colour, tannin and flavour maturation.



  • 18/08/10 -- VERAISON: The grapes are changing colour, finally after a cool summer!


  • 10/08/10 -- GREEN HARVESTING AT LE MICCINE: Removing green grape bunches help to reduce yields and to improve grape bunch ripening. The remaining grape bunches will become more concentrated in sugars, flavours and colour. The resulting wines will have more structure and body.

  • 28 February 2010-- Bottling 16 000 bottles



  • 30 December 2010-- Video to show the difference between non-pruned and pruned vines


  • 29 December 2010-- Young vs Older vines- It is Winter at Le MICCINE and the vines have lost all their leaves. In this video you can clearly see the difference between the young and older vines. The older vines are well established in their training system and are ready to be pruned.


  • 22 December 2010-- During this Christmas season we have been receiving quite a few requests for wine shipments. Le MICCINE offers courier shipping directly to your home address wherever it may be. Shipping costs vary from country to country and can take from 4 to 10 days for delivery. Write to us at to order a case of your favorite MICCINE wines


  • 25-26 November 2010-- Le MICCINE wines are selected at the IX Selezione dei vini di Toscana 2010. Le MICCINE wines received Diplomas of Merit and were selected to participate at BUY WINE. BUY WINE was held at the STAZIONE LEOPOLDA of Florence. Over 50 international buyers were invited to the event and Le MICCINE had successful meetings with several Quebecois buyers.


  • 25/10/10-- Le Miccine is proud to have been chosen by the Mia Francesca chain of restaurants ( to supply their House Chianti Classico under the name "VIVACE".

    Le Miccine's wines have won many awards and this 2007 vintage Chianti Classico was awarded a silver medal in the 2009 Decanter World Wine Awards.

    Mia Francesca which has  21 restaurants in Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs has excellent reviews. We hope you visit and try "VIVACE with your meal.


  • 22/10/10-- Have a look inside a Le MICCINE fermentation tank


  • 19/10/10-- The last Sangiovese grapes were harvested on the 19th of October 2010-- Almost 1 month later than the Merlot. The yields were successfully lowered by green harvest that was started in August-- Very promising vintage for le MICCINE.


  • 23/09/10-- First 2010 grapes harvested. Merlot of course.


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